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The Company reserves the right to make any changes to these terms and conditions, as well as to the site (in terms of structure or anything else that may affect the online platform) without the need notification to users in this respect. If any of the above clauses are found to be null or void, irrespective of the cause, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

If you do not agree with the changes, please DO NOT access the website.

In order to order and purchase products on this website, you must have an Aromes Noirs user account.

The user account is created voluntarily by you. For this purpose, we will ask you to enter some personal data.

You can place a product order following the ordering process on the website or by phone.

Ordering via the website involves the following steps:

Selecting products and adding them to your shopping cart;

Click the “Pay” button – where you will find a list of your purchases, the price and the cost of delivery;

Click the “Pay” button – where you are asked to choose your billing or shipping address;

Click the “Next Step” button – where you are asked to choose the payment method; here you will also be able to use a discount code and / or a “Gift Card” code, if it exists.

Sending the order to us;

You can also place a product order via the phone – providing our operator with the data you need to solve your request and deliver your desired products.

Once you place an order on the website or phone, we will send you a confirmation and acceptance email for your order.

Please keep the email by which we accept your order and confirm your existence.

The honoring of any order we make is conditional on the availability of the ordered products. If a product you order is currently unavailable, we will notify you immediately, preferably before accepting the order;

Payment will be made on delivery.

Deliveries will be made through our partners, specialized courier companies under the following terms and conditions:

For orders placed until 15:00, Monday to Friday, the delivery time is 48 hours. Delivery time can be extended to 72 hours for some areas that are more distant or harder to reach. Orders placed after 15:00 will be delivered within 72 hours.

All products are delivered in the original packaging, the manufacturer and in the sealed package.

Delivery prices will be displayed when the order is made.

The personal data entered by the buyer will be used by the company, only for the stated purpose of this site. The information in the order form is required to send your order confirmation, the delivery of the ordered products will under no circumstances be given to a third party. The company does not sell, offer, exchange email addresses obtained through this site, does not disclose your e-mail address to others who access the pages of this site without your explicit consent.

Any dispute between clients and the company will be resolved amicably. If the conflict has not been settled amicably, the jurisdiction lies with the Romanian courts.

* Any reference to us – Aromes Noirs – includes employees and representatives of MetaRo and Aromes Noirs.


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