The Arômes Noirs online store is your source of raw cocoa beans and other quality natural products, unprocessed, without preservatives or pesticides. Along with us you can enjoy vitality, savory tastes and make good choices for a better future.

Our story begins in Africa, where we discovered the intense aroma of cocoa beans and a charming traditional culture. That’s how Arômes Noirs was born, the brand that brings to Romania a tasty infusion from the spirit of Africa, while contributing to the development of local communities.



Considered “the food of the gods,” cocoa beans are a delicious, healthy and versatile product. In the center of Africa, the climate gives cacao trees the best conditions, so that fruits grow without human intervention and are harvested manually by locals. The beans then dry out under the sun’s rays, keeping their aroma and benefits intact.


We import raw fruits and seeds in Romania directly from the Democratic Republic of Congo. To add value to the trade, part of the company’s profit goes to the communities in this country, where tight funds support child education. Thus, through every purchased product, you contribute directly to a better life for the local population.


We believe in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle based on the consumption of simple, unprocessed foods. Through our products we encourage diversity, balance, but also fine tastes. On our blog you can find information and inspirations to make the best choices when it comes to your health.


We are concerned about sustainable development and we want to contribute to the African community as a sign of gratitude and respect for the fruit it shares with us. That is why we redirect 2% of our profits to local communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and thus support the education of children by endowing schools with teaching materials. At a later stage, we want to sponsor horticulture courses at the local level so that participants can learn to protect their cultures and develop them harmoniously.


Our business is based on respect and ethical trade. Being the only direct importer of natural products from the Democratic Republic of Congo, we ensure a transparent trade chain and pay attention to our partners, suppliers and distributors. For our customers, respect translates to the marketing of clean cocoa beans without chemical processing, harvested manually and sold at a fair price.


We want to develop and offer you healthy choices for your daily choices. We test and always exceed our limits to diversify our range of products and be better at what we do as people and as a team.

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