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  • Classic Cocoa Beans Bulk Aromes Noirs

    Origin: Congo River Basin

    Aromes Noirs cocoa beans are large, exquisite beans, carefully picked to create a unique palette of flavor and taste. Dedicated to those who appreciate intense delights, these cocoa beans can be served in combination with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds or yogurt.

    Rich in iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium and vitamins B, C and E, cocoa beans have strong antioxidant properties and stimulate the release of serotonin and endorphins, which induce a feel good state.

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  • Classique Cocoa Nibs Bulk Aromes Noirs

    Nibs are cocoa flakes, processed and refined to offer the purest pieces. They can be added to beverages, cakes, ice cream and other desserts, successfully replacing the classic chocolate flakes as they contain no sugar or lactose.

    Appreciated due to its antioxidant and aphrodisiac properties, the cocoa nibs are an excellent source of iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium and vitamins B, C and E.

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